A Comprehensive Solution

Our product suite can offer a complete replacement for a traditional IT department as well as provide hosting for a range of services. Whether you need infrastructure, apps, comms or backup - you can get it all through 6YS.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Our own dedicated infrastructure spans the eastern seaboard of Australia and includes our own 800Gbps internet backbone to ensure our services operate fast.

No compromises

We build with the best back end technology from leading vendors we can find and make sure that the products offered to customers work as hard as they do. 


Before there was cloud, there was 6YS. We have been at the forefront of cloud innovation in Australia since 2003 building ready-made solutions for businesses where IT is critical.

Sovereign Data

All of our infrastructure was born in and remains in Australia. Which means so do your critical data and systems. No cross border or sovereignty issues and lower risk.

Local support when you need it

We offer 24 x 7 support that is based right here in Australia. Nothing is lost in translation and a helpful human is always here to help when you need it.